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The company’s machine networking project is in full swing
2021-08-26 11:36:45 By Admin

In recent years, the company has started from three aspects: product positioning upgrade, equipment hardware upgrade and management platform upgrade. It has made efforts to build a garment lace fabric and wall covering base. It has successively introduced the world-class high-speed warp knitting machinery from Germany KARLMAYER company. France introduced electronic jacquard rapier complete loom equipment.

While mechanically upgrading the equipment platform, the company adopts the auxiliary pattern design of Zhejiang University Jingwei CAD and realizes automatic proofing, approval and trial production of patterns through the networking of mechanical computer data terminals, and simultaneously realizes the real-time meters and defects in the weaving process. First-line real-time data aggregation feedback such as self-monitoring and machine operation efficiency realizes centralized sharing of instructions and raw materials procurement, inventory and other front and rear data. Through the system integration of ERP, the establishment of a miniature Internet of Things factory that forms an “automatic production line + industrial robot + dedicated network” minimizes the waste of personnel and materials, increases the output value of unit energy consumption, shortens the production cycle of products, and improves the precision of enterprises. Level, flat management and scientific decision-making level.

While upgrading the company’s hardware platform, the company’s software platform is simultaneously upgraded through informatization and “machine networking” to achieve a 30% reduction in staff on the existing basis, a 6-8 times increase in machine efficiency, and a 40% reduction in production cycle %, Data transmission in the intermediate links of production is 100% accurate, product defects are automatically detected, product quality is significantly improved and efficiency is increased, and a fast-response operation and control mechanism is formed to allow the company’s logistics, information flow, capital flow and value flow to develop in a coordinated and unified manner .